Top 3 places to visit in South Australia

We’ve researched the best and most interesting places for you to check out on your next jaunt through South Australia. From hidden caves, to bush campsites, through to glamour camping if thats your thing – Let us know what you think, and if you’ve been to any before!

Innes National Park.

A stunning area of South Australia, Innes National Park combines the beauty of rugged coastlines, perfect sheltered fishing spots, excellent surfing beaches and some historical landmarks – such as the Ethel Shipwreck. You’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding how to fill your time here, with a great variety of camping ground scattered around the park to chose from. 

It is also known for having an average high of 24 degrees in January, so it’s a great spot to enjoy some cool, pleasant adventuring weather!

Additionally, the park offers a variety of walking and hiking tracks suitable for all abilities, ranging from 30-minute strolls to 4-hour adventures. And don’t miss the opportunity to visit the renowned Blue Pool rock pool during your exploration!

the blue pool

The Blue Pool (image courtesy of Emma Smith), via the government SA website. 

image via southaustralia.com.au

2. Wilpema Pound, Flinders Ranges.

The Wilpema Pound is a natural wonder, an amphitheatre created by millions of years of erosion. 

This area has many unpowered, powered and bush sites and also has a selection of luxury safari tents.

Climbing the ridge to see the sunset or sunrise will be an experience like no other, and exploring the Flinders Range in general will be an incredible experience – from following the Aboriginal Dreamtime Track to taking a flight over for an aerial view.

image via southasutralia.com.au 

3. Talia Caves, Eyre Peninsula

Fully equipped campers ready to go off the beaten track must witness the breathtaking Talia Caves. The sandstone cliffs have carved into caves and caverns, while the beaches remain wild and deserted. There is no powered sites or toilets, but room for 20 bush camps, and it’s a great place to test your fishing talent to catch dinner.

image via southaustralia.com.au

Visit South Australia

camping ground via the talia camping ground page on facebook.  

visit South Australia

close by, this is a farm beach at the Eyre peninsula via south Australia.com,au


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