Here are our favourite hidden and sometimes not so hidden hot spots!

The best thing about Geelong – pretty much everything is a 5 minute walk from the Achtung Camper workshop and from everything else.


  • Coffee Cartel

    If you are a coffee fanatic check out Coffee Cartel down Little Malop street (they are local and very serious about their coffee).

  • BOOM Gallery

    Another cool Melbourne style warehouse café adjoins the great local BOOM Gallery below (down the ‘river end’ of Pakington Street).

Bars and restaurants

  • Little Creatures

    Little Creatures have opened a brewery in Geelong (although it’s not walking distance to anything else!) and it’s awesome. A massive space with great food and beers and surprisingly good muffins.  White Rabbit have also just opened their own brewery in the same complex.  It’s about a 7 minute drive from the Achtung Camper workshop.

  • Belle’s Hot Chicken Project

    Belle’s Hot Chicken Project is a small modern bar/diner down Little Malop street which has great chicken burgers and definitely for you if you love your hot food and you love your chicken!

  • Analogue

    Analogue is an old school speakeasy cocktail bar with comfy couches and some Atari and Nitendo’s set up to waste away your work afternoon. It’s also a café by day.

  • Geelong Cellar Door

    Down Little Malop Street, cool wine bar number 1: Geelong Cellar Door has some great cheese and antipasto platters to match with your wine.

  • Union Street Wine

    Cool wine bar number 2: Union Street Wine is just off Little Malop Street and has some great finger food options to go with your wine.

  • BOOM Gallery

    Another cool Melbourne style warehouse café adjoins the great local BOOM Gallery below (down the ‘river end’ of Pakington Street).


  • Pakington street runs parallel to La Trobe Terrace and is a 3km strip of shops and cafes with the coolest new areas being at each end and more run of the mill good, gift and fashion shops in the middle.

  • Worth a mention is the VERY cool BOOM Gallery down the ‘river end’ (The Barwon River) of Pakington Street. Very cool handmade jewelry and gifts from local artists mean every treasure you find is one of a kind.

Things to do

  • Go for a walk along the waterfront all the way along from the Achtung Camper workshop (3 minutes walk away) to the other side of Eastern Beach and Botanic Gardens.

  • Check out Geelong Library. We are not joking, we hang out at this brand new mind-blowing place at least once a week.  It’s about 3 minutes walk from the Achtung Camper workshop.  Just go and check it out before you judge us.

  • Go for a walk down Little Malop street and check out Geelong’s best cafes, bars and some cool boutique shops.

And only 25 minutes drive away…

  • Barwon Heads

    Barwon Heads is a beautiful quant little town with yet more breathtaking beaches and some lovely boutiques and cafes.  Be sure to have a meal or drink with wall to wall water front views at At The Heads.

  • Torquay

    Torquay gateway to the Surf Coast, some of the world’s best beaches (Point Addis, Point Impossible and Jan Juc are all breathtaking).  Have lunch or a coffee at Café Moby on the waterfront or dinner and a cocktail at Signors.  We also recommend Blackman’s Brewery for amazing food and award winning beers and Bird Rock bar for comfy couches, great Mexican and pub food and a relaxed surfer town fibe.

  • Queenscliff

    Queenscliff has beautiful old buildings and architecture and some lovely if not a little more old fashioned (to match the architecture) shopping and eating establishments.

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