Buckle up and grab a cuppa, because this is a long one, all about Wheels and tyres!

When designing your campervan, one of the most important choices is your tyre. Some want function, some want flash, and some want both! In this blog, we’ll break down all of your options for your Achtung Camper – from factory to aftermarket.



The VW Transporter vans come with steel wheels as standard pictured below.   

16” steel wheel – TDI340  

17” steel wheel – TDI450 

However, if you would like to change the standard steel wheels for an alloy, there are several options available depending on your budget. From sleek and stylish designs to rugged and durable choices, this guide may help you find the look you are after for your custom-built van. Upgrading to alloy wheels not only adds a touch of sophistication to your campervan’s appearance but also offers potential performance benefits, such as reduced weight and improved fuel efficiency. So, explore the available options and select the perfect set of alloy wheels to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your campervan.

VW Factory Alloy options (must be confirmed with van order)

17″ Alloy Wheels – DEVONPORT for TDI340 


17″ Alloy Wheels – DEVONPORT for TDI450

VW Aftermarket options (can be added to order after factory order confirmed)

Paint steel or alloy wheels black (gloss or satin)  

17″ Alloy Wheels – DEVONPORT painted black

16” TDI340 Steel wheels painted black

17” TDI340 Steel wheels painted black

VW Aftermarket Alloy (can be added after factory order confirmed) 

16″ Corvara alloys (suitable for vans with 16″ steel wheels – TDI340 model). Can be painted black at extra cost.

17″ Merano alloys (suitable for vans with 17″ steel wheels – TDI450 model. Can upgrade on a TDI340 too).

18″ Dakar alloys 

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that 18″ wheels may not fit under the back in the spare wheel area, presenting a potential challenge if there is no spare wheel. However, there is a viable solution – consider ordering a “tyre mobility kit” (also known as a puncture repair kit) to address the lack of a spare wheel. This kit can provide peace of mind and practicality, allowing you to handle unexpected tire punctures confidently during your campervan journeys. Before making your decision, carefully assess your campervan’s setup and requirements to ensure a seamless and safe travel experience.

Aftermarket option – included as part of van conversion

Swap out wheel and/or tyre for 17” alloy, subject to availability & price on application.  

Example of options:







Yokohama BluEarth-Van RY55 225/65R16C 112/110T:



Yokohama’s BluEarth-Van RY55 stands out as the ultimate choice for van owners, and here’s why: This flagship tire offers an exceptional blend of wear resistance, wet grip, and fuel efficiency. Its wear resistance and wet grip capabilities are elevated through the incorporation of a specialized tread pattern and an optimized profile, which ensure enhanced surface contact and pressure distribution. Moreover, the tire’s new compound features a triple polymer component for increased durability and resistance to uneven wear, while silica contributes to improved fuel efficiency and wet grip performance. The BluEarth-Van RY55 isn’t just designed for your standard 9-to-5 workdays – it’s a tire that goes the extra mile.


Perfect for:

  1. Eco-Conscious Travelers:
    Those who prioritize fuel efficiency and want to reduce their environmental impact during their campervan journeys.
  2. Frequent Van Explorers:
    Campervan owners who frequently embark on long journeys, including off-road adventures, and need a durable tire with excellent wet grip and wear resistance.
  3. Safety-Conscious Van Owners:
    Individuals who value enhanced traction and grip, especially in wet conditions, seek a reliable tire that can go beyond standard urban commuting.


BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 (Available for both Crafter and Transporter)

Choose the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire for your Campervan,  and you’ll have the toughest all-terrain companion ever. With aggressive traction for both on and off-road adventures, this tire is a top choice. Its versatile design allows for all-terrain and all-season use, ensuring you’re prepared for various conditions. The robust sidewall design enhances durability, while staggered shoulder blocks improve maneuverability, especially in challenging terrains like soft soil and deep snow. Plus, the advanced tread design not only provides superior performance but also extends the tire’s lifespan.


Perfect for:

  1. Off-Road Adventurers:
    Ideal for those who love rugged, off-road journeys and need exceptional traction and durability.
  2. Outdoor Explorers:
    Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who frequently camp, hike, and explore diverse terrains.
  3. Overland Travelers:
    A reliable choice for extended road trips and expeditions, ensuring confidence on various surfaces.

Kumho AT51:

Why choose this tire? Crafted for modern light trucks, it offers excellent braking and handling performance. Its aggressive tread design optimizes dry and off-road traction and wear resistance, making it a versatile option for 70% on-road and 30% off-road use. Enhanced off-road capabilities are achieved through features like Zig-Zag grooves and dual pitch in the centre block. Long-term durability is assured with a stone-ejector bar and robust belt/bead design, while the chamfer cut-angular shape maximises traction. This tire is the ideal choice for those seeking a balance of performance and durability in their light truck tires.


Perfect for:

  1. Adventurous Campers:
    Achtung campervan owners seeking excellent traction and durability for off-road adventures.
  2. Off-Road Enthusiasts:
    Those who frequently venture off the beaten path and require reliable off-road performance.
  3. Varied Terrain Travelers:
    Campervan owners traversing highways and rugged trails, valuing balanced performance and durability.


Do you have more burning questions? We’re all ears! When it comes to wheels and tires, the options are as vast as your imagination. So, if you’re after something special, we’re here to make your wheel dreams come true. Give us a ring, and let’s explore all possibilities!