Volkswagen Transporter Campervans

Buckle up and grab a cuppa, because this is a long one!

When designing your campervan, one of the most important choices is your tyre. Some want function, some want flash, and some want both! In this blog we’ll break down all of your options for your Achtung Camper – from factory to aftermarket.


The VW Transporter vans come with steel wheels as standard pictured below.   

16” steel wheel – TDI340  

17” steel wheel – TDI450 

However, if you would like to change the standard steel wheels for an alloy, there are a number options of available depending on your budget. This guide may help you find the look you are after for your custom built van.

VW Factory Alloy options (must be confirmed with van order)

17″ Alloy Wheels – DEVONPORT for TDI340 

17″ Alloy Wheels – DEVONPORT for TDI450

VW Aftermarket options (can be added to order after factory order confirmed)

Paint steel or alloy wheels black (gloss or satin)  

17″ Alloy Wheels – DEVONPORT painted black

16” TDI340 Steel wheels painted black

17” TDI340 Steel wheels painted black

VW Aftermarket Alloy (can be added after factory order confirmed) 

16″ Corvara alloys (suitable for vans with 16″ steel wheels – TDI340 model). Can be painted black at extra cost.

17″ Merano alloys (suitable for vans with 17″ steel wheels – TDI450 model. Can upgrade on a TDI340 too).

18″ Dakar alloys 

*IMPORTANT NOTE 18″ do not fit under the back in the spare wheel area, so it may be tricky if there is no spare wheel. An option is to order a “tyre mobility kit” (aka puncture repair kit), to cover the lack of spare wheel.  

Aftermarket option – included as part of van conversion

Swap out wheel and/or tyre for 17” alloy, subject to availability & price on application.  

Example of options:





BFG A/T package on 5 x wheel and tyres

Kumho AT51 package on 5 x wheels and tyres