Why you need engineer approval for your campervan conversion

Why do you need engineer approval for your campervan conversion or vehicle modification?  It’s a complicated world out there and the vast number of new campervan conversion companies popping up around Australia give you loads of options to choose from for your campervan conversion.  One thing you should never compromise on is safety and financial liability.  Always ensure the company you use for your modification or campervan conversion has either second stage manufacture approval or can give you an engineer’s approval certificate/compliance plate for the work they’ve done.

Even having some simple cabinetry added to your van may bring it over the allowed GVM (weight allowance for your vehicle). Ensuring you receive a weigh bridge certificate and engineer approval will mean it’s within the safety guidelines for your vehicle.  Without a weigh bridge certificate and engineer approval you could be driving around in a vehicle not made to carry the weight it is, which will affect your driving safety and liability in any accidents caused.


Without second stage compliance or an engineer’s certificate/engineer’s approval for your campervan conversion or vehicle modification you are unable to take your van into the relevant roads authority in your state and get you modification or campervan conversion registered in their system.  Without it being registered in their system you are unable to insure your van for the full value of your vehicle + the modification /campervan conversion you’ve paid for.  Imagine paying $50,000 for a vehicle and $20,000 for a campervan conversion only to have an accident and be told that your insurance company will pay you out for the vehicle portion only.  This is the issue you will face if you are driving around with an un-approved campervan conversion.


A financial issue is a problem, but what happens if it’s your vehicle or driving that causes the accident and one of the insurance companies/police authority find out that you have been driving around with an unapproved modification/campervan conversion, or worse still that your campervan conversion or cabinetry has pushed your van over its allowed GVM.  This will leave you personally liable for any costs, injuries and deaths caused by the accident.  Some serious things to think about while looking for the right business to work with and ensuring you receive engineer’s approval for your campervan conversion or vehicle modification.

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