Campervan Alarm Systems

Worried about security on the road? These campervan alarm systems mean you can travel confidently to remote areas, go for long hikes and spend hours on the beach without the stress that your home on the road will be compromised.

WiTi Anti-Theft Alarm


Specifically designed for campervans.

Detects movement from outside the van by its sensitive gyroscope (a device used for measuring movement).

There’re two types of movement it detects, firstly acceleration as if someone has hitched up and is trying to move the van and secondly, sharp knocks or bumps as trying to hitch up or break into the van.

After 30 seconds of movement or forced entry the alarm of 105db will go off and will repeat until the movement stops.

The system also triggers your vehicle lights to flash and applies brakes for over 30 seconds to ensure your campervan does not move. This continues as long as movement is detected.

Entry through doors or windows will also set off alarm/security system.

The only anti-theft system that immobilises your campervan! Once parked, you can turn on the system by pressing the button on the key fob again. The brakes will only activate if the alarm is triggered and movement is detected.


The WiTi Anti-Theft costs $499 (this includes WiTi Anti-Theft unit with two remote controls and horn).


The unit must be installed vertically and facing either the front or rear of the campervan.

WiTi uses gravity to initialise the Gyroscope and detects acceleration in the direction of travel.

It’s recommended the WiTi is installed onto an exterior body panel and towards the front of the campervan as it will make the system more sensitive.

You can screw the WiTi onto a panel through the mounting.

The horn must be installed at least 1 metre away from the WiTi unit and on a different surface to prevent interference (the horn is waterproof so can be installed externally).

To turn on the Anti-Theft, press the hold button on the remote control for one second, the front indicators will flash after and then double flash to indicate the system is armed.

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Australian Security Systems


Comes with a 12v cable so you don’t need to use your other power supply (although you can have this option if you like).

Uses the new Supports Smart Power Socket which remotely turns lights on and off, by sending the panel an SMS.

Has a new temperature reading and display on alarm panel LCD screen and a touch screen making it easy to use.

Easy to program with user manual. Technical support available 24/7.

SMS or calls you when has been violated (if you choose to use the additional SMS feature). The system can have up to 5 phone numbers and directly notify a contact or business.

Can arm or disarm from your phone by sending an SMS.

Internal siren in alarm panel (can be on or off as required).

Runs off AC power supply.

Uses high quality ABS fire-proof materials.


The system costs $461.

It includes one 3G Alarm panel (with internal siren), one PIR sensor, one door/Window sensor, two remotes, one 12v DC car charger adapter, one 240v AC adapter and mounts for accessories.


All you have to do is plug the main alarm panel into a power point in your van.

You then program your sensors and accessories and personalise the alarm to suit your needs such as setting it up for monitoring.

Mount the system it somewhere in your camper and plug the external strobe siren into a power point.

Australian Security System also have free assistance seven days a week.

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Nomads Caravan Alarm System


Loud 100 decibel siren.

Arms only the door sensors at night (Stay Arm Feature).

Alarms can be texted straight to your phone. (Note: the SIM Card Monitoring Service is paid monthly under a subscription basis and can be cancelled at any time by logging into your account.

Is easily controlled from your phone (On/Off/Check Status).

Will notify your phone when it’s on low battery.


Standard Caravan Alarm System is $380.

This includes campervan alarm system main panel, one door sensors, one motion sensors and two remote controls.


The alarm is very easy to set up and can be done in 5 mins by following the manual provided when you receive the alarm system.

It’s pre-programmed before it’s sent off so all you really have to do is set the app up on your phone (If you wish to use the SIM card monitoring service). The app is called Nomads Alarm which allows you to make the alarm sound on your phone when you get a text from your Nomad Alarm Systems.

24/7 contact support also available if you need any help along the way!

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We hope you find this list of campervan alarm systems useful in choosing the best type of security for you!