Campervan Alarm Systems

Worried about security on the road? With these campervan alarm systems, you can travel confidently to remote areas, go for long hikes, and spend hours on the beach without the stress that your home on the road will be compromised. Enjoy peace of mind and focus on the adventures that await you!

WiTi Anti-Theft Alarm


Specifically designed for campervans.

Detects movement from outside the van by its sensitive gyroscope (a device used for measuring movement).

There are two types of movement it detects, firstly acceleration as if someone has hitched up and is trying to move the van and secondly, sharp knocks or bumps as trying to hitch up or break into the van.

After 30 seconds of movement, or forced entry the alarm of 105db will go off and will repeat until the movement stops.

The system also triggers your vehicle lights to flash and applies brakes for over 30 seconds to ensure your campervan does not move. This continues as long as movement is detected.

Entry through doors or windows will also set off an alarm/security system.

The only anti-theft system that immobilises your campervan! Once parked, you can turn on the system by pressing the button on the key fob again. The brakes will only activate if the alarm is triggered and movement is detected.


Install the unit vertically, facing either the front or rear of the campervan.

WiTi utilizes gravity to initialize the Gyroscope and detects acceleration in the direction of travel.

For improved sensitivity, install the WiTi onto an exterior body panel towards the front of the campervan.

Screw the WiTi onto a panel through the mounting.

Place the horn at least 1 meter away from the WiTi unit and on a different surface to prevent interference. (The horn is waterproof, allowing for external installation.)

To activate the Anti-Theft system, press and hold the button on the remote control for one second. The front indicators will flash, followed by a double flash to indicate the system is armed.

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Nomads Caravan Alarm System


Loud 100 decibel siren.

Arms only the door sensors at night (Stay Arm Feature).

The alarms can send text messages directly to your phone. Please note that the SIM Card Monitoring Service operates on a monthly subscription basis, and you can cancel it at any time by logging into your account.

Is easily controlled from your phone (On/Off/Check Status).

Will notify your phone when it’s on low battery.



Setting up the alarm is straightforward and takes around 5 minutes by following the provided manual. Additionally, it comes pre-programmed, so all you need to do is set up the Nomads Alarm app on your phone if you wish to use the SIM card monitoring service. The app, called Nomads Alarm, enables you to trigger the alarm sound on your phone when you receive a text from your Nomad Alarm Systems.

Furthermore, 24/7 contact support is available if you need any help along the way!

For more details Give them a call here: 84 722 036 481

We hope you find this list of campervan alarm systems useful in choosing the best type of security for you!