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Sustainability is an area at Achtung Camper that we are learning more and more about and implementing where we can into our vans. It is a journey, and one that we are invested in. It is our ongoing goal to partner with suppliers who are also embracing sustainability and eco-friendly options with the development of their products.

The following business partners are also on a similar pathway to be more transparent with their business practices and move towards a more sustainable future for the benefit of our planet. This is a work in progress, and one that we are committed too.


“As a socially responsible global company, we understand the importance of the preservation of our shared environments.” – Warwick Fabrics

Warwick Fabrics have implemented a number of industry best practices to ensure they are leading the way for the textile industry in being conscious of their environmental and social impact.

Their current initiatives include an APCO membership, a diverse eco-friendly product offering, key supplier partnerships, textile recycling, online Virtual Reality tool, furniture donation systems, and general office responsibility. They also have a dedicated team responsible for monitoring and reducing their environmental impact.


Warwick Sustainability


“We work with architects and designers to create compliant, sustainable and versatile wall and ceiling designs using ply.” – Maxiply

Timber is a remarkable resource that is sustainable, renewable, and has a positive impact on carbon emissions. By designing with plywood, Maxiply can make sustainable use of tree parts that might otherwise be discarded, resulting in durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing products.

Maxiply proudly offers a selection of FSC-certified timber sourced from responsibly managed forests, ensuring their commitment to sustainability in every aspect of their business.


Maxiply Sustainability


“As pioneers in the mobile living area, we are committed to driving sustainability in our industry.” – Dometic 

To decrease their environmental footprint, Dometic enhances resource efficiency, promotes circularity, and reduces their carbon footprint for mobile living.

Dometic also prioritises a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace, while upholding the highest ethical standards in their business practices. Dometic’s sustainability platform guides them in systematically working towards their ambitious goals.


Dometic Sustainability


“We are committed to developing smart, stylish products that are environmentally sound.” – Thule

Thule Group aims to contribute to a more sustainable world by offering innovative, high-quality products that inspire people to live an active life, and which are manufactured responsibly with the least possible impact on the climate and environment.


Thule Sustainability


“Alongside innovative strength, sustainability is the key lever for successfully driving forward the transformation of the Volkswagen Group” – Volkswagen

For Volkswagen, sustainability is the pursuit of economic, social, and ecological objectives with equal dedication. They strive to create enduring value, provide excellent working conditions, and preserve resources and the environment. Volkswagen’s commitment to sustainability drives its actions and shapes its business practices.


Volkswagen Sustainability


“Economic, environmental, and social responsibility go hand in hand.” – Mercedes-Benz

Sustainability, for Mercedes-Benz, entails the continuous creation of value for all stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, business partners, and society at large.

Mercedes-Benz firmly believes that economic, environmental, and social responsibility are intertwined throughout the entire value chain. By embracing this responsibility, they can achieve long-term success and ensure the well-being of all those involved.


Mercedes-Benz Sustainability
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