Everyone travels differently.

Why Achtung


Originally from Germany, Ronny Probandt started out with a love of cutting edge design and a background in the highest quality workmanship and coupled it with his passion for campervan travel.


Ronny and his partner Tania Differding have spent years taking their campervans and motorhomes on numerous ‘test drives’ and are continually upgrading features and design to make Achtung Camper campervans and motorhomes the most innovative, durable and stylish campervans and motorhomes on the market.

Ronny and Tania met in 2004 in Torquay, Victoria and two weeks later set off on a year-long trip around the border of Australia in a 1983 Toyota Tarago complete with curtains made from bed sheets and a cheap esky filled with ice. This was the beginning of their obsession with campervan travel and the freedom that owning a campervan brings. Achtung Camper was born!

Today, not much has changed, they still make sure they take each new demo campervan and motorhome they produce for at least one long ‘test drive’ – trying out new features and thinking up future innovations to make life on the road easier than ever.


From (not so) humble beginnings working on high end design and building projects in Germany, Sydney and Melbourne, Achtung Camper was launched after we noticed a lack of modern, high quality campervans in Australia.


And so the first Australian designer campervan arrived on the scene, utilising the best quality materials we could get our hands on, such as accesories from Dinosaur Designs and hardwearing film faced plywood available in over 10 colours.

Suit your style with a campervan or motorhome conversion and choose your own colour scheme, material and much more. Think of the possibilities!


At Achtung Camper we pride ourselves on building stylish, high quality campervans and motorhomes right here in Geelong, Australia.