The Achtung Camper Principles of Vanning

Achtung Camper’s Principles of Vanning

1. Have One Vehicle and Use It Often:
– Simplify your life by selling your secondary car and relying on your campervan for everyday transportation and camping adventures.
– Choose a campervan that is easy to drive in the city and can effortlessly navigate into campgrounds, ensuring convenience and versatility.

2. Escape Easily and Often:
– Keep your campervan ready for spontaneous trips by maintaining a “standby” mode.
– Keep a spare set of bedding, clothes, board games, books, and non-perishable food items in your van, allowing you to hit the road at a moment’s notice.
– On Friday afternoons, check the weather forecast, and plan your weekend getaway accordingly. Take advantage of good weather and embark on memorable adventures.

3. Three-Minute Set-Up Time:
– Streamline your campervan set-up process to save time and make camping more enjoyable.
– Raise the pop-top roof in just one minute to create additional headroom and living space.
– Set up your table and chairs within one minute, creating a comfortable outdoor dining and relaxation area.
– Unwind and pour yourself a glass of wine within one minute, embracing the joy of camping and relaxation.

By following these principles, you can make the most of your campervan experience, maximizing convenience, spontaneity, and the joy of exploring new destinations.

Click here to download the principles that drive the design, build and ethos behind the company – THE ACHTUNG CAMPER PRINCIPLES OF VANNING