Campervan pop top roofs – the difference between the European style and Vertical lifter

Many campervan enthusiasts prefer the European style of pop-top roofs over the vertical lifter style in Australia due to several advantages.

1. Gas Struts Instead of Springs: European-style roofs feature gas struts, allowing for greater customization based on individual preferences.

2. Silent Operation While Driving: Unlike vertical lifter roofs with springs that can produce clanging noise, European-style roofs operate silently while driving.

3. Industry Standards and Innovation: Leading European campervan manufacturers, such as Volkswagen and Mercedes, have embraced the European-style roof, highlighting its superiority and innovation.

4. Increased Headroom: European-style pop-top roofs offer generous headroom when fully extended. This additional height creates a more spacious and open interior, allowing campers to move freely without feeling cramped. Whether you’re standing, cooking, or simply relaxing inside the campervan, the increased headroom provides a greater sense of comfort and freedom.
5. Aerodynamic Design: The European-style pop-top roofs are designed with aerodynamics in mind. The sleek and streamlined shape reduces wind resistance while driving, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and stability on the road. This design feature enhances the overall driving experience and makes the campervan more comfortable to handle.

Campervan owners can enjoy its customizable design, quiet operation while driving, and alignment with industry standards and innovations by opting for the European-style pop-top roof.

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