Camping: Last Minute Easter Getaways

Unbelievable, it has crept around again… Easter holidays are only a few weeks away. Are you organised, if not do not panic, there are plenty of last minute opportunities that would pleasantly surprise?

Our super sleuths found a few gems that were still available at the time of writing this blog.

Coastal Farm Camp in Torquay, Victoria.

Matthew’s Creek Farm in Murroon, Victoria.

Dalli’s Campground in Capertee, New South Wales.

Big 4 Mount Compass Park, South Australia.

Big 4 Lucinda Wanderers Caravan Park, Queensland.

Nambung Station Stay in Nambung, Western Australia.

Last minute Easter camping getaways

That in mind, there are a few other suggestions for that time of year:


Some free camping options are offered as a first in first served basis, which may mean taking a punt and crossing your fingers that you can secure one. Camps Australia Wide has an extensive list of free camping sites on its website and many of these spots are decent in size, some are even near water. Check them out!


Hipcamp regularly promotes recently unlocked land and it is worth adding their website to your watch list. Especially, if at the last minute a host jumps on board and you time it nicely to be first in. There’s also a quick link to spots ‘available next weekend’. You never know, people cancel and sudden openings occur…


Set out on a road trip, rather than opting for a long time in one spot. Many campgrounds and caravan parks may have availabilities for one or two nights during peak seasons, and then you can move onto your next destination. Slot in a road side rest area (not truck stops) if you get stuck, which are typically overnight only and continue on your merry way.


This is a brilliant tip! Many holiday makers head north in Australia for the sun, particularly in the cooler months. That being the case, why not try the opposite direction and drive south to Tasmania or Victoria.


Before you do take off, run through our camping checklist and be sure everything is tickety-boo. This includes stocking up the pantry, servicing the van, cleaning gear and more.

Easter camping is also a fun time to play along with the theme and organise an egg hunt, add chocolate or cocoa for an Easter-inspired damper or take it to the next level and convert them to hot-cross buns. Remember to leave no trace with those choccy wrappers!

Our fingers are crossed that you find a gem to settle in for the duration of the upcoming mini-break. If you do, email your pics to jacqui@achtungcamper.com.au.

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Happy vanning…