Caravan Salon Exhibition Dusseldorf 2017

As the team at Achtung Camper attended their second Campervan Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, they were taken aback by the sheer size of the event. Compared to the exhibitions they were used to in Australia, the European market showcased a vast array of campervans and motorhomes, each with its unique features and designs.

Campervan Exhibition Campervan Exhibition Campervan Exhibition Campervan Exhibition

The Campervan Exhibition:

The popularity of campervanning in Europe was evident, especially in Germany, where it seemed that every street corner had a VW T6 campervan or an old Westfalia parked. The climate and landscape in Europe influenced the travelling style, with the majority of trips being weekend getaways rather than extended road trips. This difference was reflected in the features of the campervans, with smaller fridges, minimal storage, and smaller water tanks compared to their Australian counterparts.

Campervan Exhibition Campervan Exhibition Campervan Exhibition

During the exhibition, Achtung Camper experienced a mix of emotions. They didn’t encounter many new ideas to learn from European companies with fewer features. However, they realized that their campervans were designed to handle the challenges of the Australian terrain, making them more resourceful and practical. On the other hand, they felt disappointed with most companies offering the same modern grey interior, lacking the boundary-pushing and fashionable designs they were expecting.

Campervan Exhibition Campervan Exhibition

Despite these experiences, Achtung Camper found inspiration in the exhibition and the European market. They are now working on integrating some innovative features into their campervans, such as

  • a diesel heater with hot water
  • LED exterior lights
  • a power control system with a phone app
  • LED light strips for the interior
  • a better quality plug-and-play cold shower.


However, we did come across some exciting companies like Kampagnia, which offered a wide range of colourful cabinetry options. Which allows clients to personalize the look of their vans. Another unique company was Dogs Campers, specifically designed for camping dog owners. By integrating dog cages and dog-themed branding on the outside.

Campervan Exhibition

Among the highlights of the exhibition was the opportunity to step inside a luxurious motorhome worth 1.5 million euros. A sight that left them dreaming of the possibilities. With newfound inspiration and ideas, Achtung Camper is eager to bring even more innovation and customization to their campervans. By continuing to cater to the adventurous spirits of their customers.

For more updates and exciting adventures, stay tuned to Achtung Camper’s journey on their website and YouTube channel.

Happy camping!

Campervan Exhibition Campervan Exhibition Campervan Exhibition Campervan Exhibition


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