How to Stay Connected While Campervanning

“Sometimes we need to disconnect to reconnect with what matters.” 

Disconnecting from the ever-present technology in our lives is a true luxury in today’s world. There is nothing better than taking off in your camper van or motorhome in search of the land of no reception. 

The thought of no reception is tempting, but you wouldn’t ever want to find yourself in an emergency situation where you are in desperate need of cell bars and unable to find any.

Whether you’re after back-up bars or wanting access to Netflix from the camper van, a smart signal booster is a good idea. 

At Achtung Camper we offer the Cel-Fi GO Smart Signal Booster in our camper van and motorhome conversions. As a cabled 3G/4G mobile signal amplifier, it provides up to 100dB of signal gain to your vehicle. 

What does this mean for you?

It increases your mobile data speed, extends the battery life on your phone, eliminates dropped or missed calls due to poor signal, and improves call clarity. 

You know, the types of things that you forget how frustrating they are until you’re dealing with them in an urgent situation! (Or you’re trying to stream the new episode of your latest Netflix binge – also urgent.)

Does this mean that you need to be checking Instagram, emails or the news on your trip? Absolutely not! It simply means that if you’re in a situation where you need cell bars, then you know that you can get them if you’re ever in a crunch.

The WiFi booster can be added to your camper van or motorhome conversion for $1400. A price that’s well worth your peace of mind on the road! 

For more information on the Cel-Fi GO Smart Signal Booster click here or talk to a member of our Sales Team.