Camping Accessories: This is a Growing List of Favourite Finds

Check out some of these favourite accessories perfect for camping as recommended to us by none other than our own Achtung Campervanning clients! We often get emails from our clients, telling us what their favourite addition to their Achtung camper is, and we think that maybe you could use these helpful accessories as well.

Morphy Richards MICO Toastie Accessories:

For those who have a microwave in their campervan, this microwave toasty maker is a must-have. Simply pop your sandwich between the grills, then pop it into the microwave and you’ll have a wonderfully crunchy and crisp toasty cheese ‘sanga’ within seconds.

The toasted ‘sanga’ has made a huge comeback recently with an array of fillings. Try tinned corn and cheese, sardines and relish, cauliflower, mushroom and cheese, leftover chilli con carne, avocado and cheese. Anything that results in gooey goodness is a winner!

Anti-skid Snow Mud Winter Wheel Tires Cable

For those who have a front-wheel drive campervan, you may occasionally find yourself in a sticky situation, these anti-skid snow and mud wheel tire cables will be your lifesaver and definitely worth having on hand for sticky situations.  They can be purchased from eBay, Amazon and a few other retailers.

Yeti Drink Bottle and Holder

The Ramble 1.4-litre drink bottle and holder from Yeti is the ideal accessory. Especially for those who enjoy a hike and wish to keep hydrated. The holder crosses over your body for hands-free walking and the water remains cool all day. Not only that because it is insulated it can be used for hot drinks as well.

Need-Essentials 30lt Dry Bag

Known for its no-brand wetsuits, and essentials, also offers a selection of accessories and the 30lt Dry Bag is a hit with our water-loving, beach-going Achtung Campervanners. Pack the wetties in the bag or load it up with towels and snacks and head to the surf.

DrawerStore™ Compact Cutlery Organiser

Designed by Joseph Joseph, this compact tray slides right into a drawer to organise cutlery and utensils in the van. The overlapping design means that more can fit into one drawer. There are a few different options to check out.

HeadBeam head torch


HeadBeam is one of the lightest headlamps on the market in Australia. This one is waterproof and durable and made for anyone on the go, plus really handy for those unforeseen nighttime call-outs. Pop a couple in the glove box.

Zorali Sunday Camp Chair

This fold-up camping chair from Zorali is comfortable, strong, stylish, and tear-resistant canvas and brings your best lounge moves to the outside. They come in three different colours and pair nicely with an Achtung Camper.

Zorali, like Achtung Camper, are on a mission to get people outside with sustainability at the core.

Daisy Graze

Daisy Graze products are completely earth-friendly, compostable and made from plants, as well as being dishwasher and microwave safe and unbreakable. Their motto is to live a spontaneous life and enjoy your meals without any guilt.

Muk Mat

If sandy or dirty feet drive you nuts when you are camping, then you are going flip out over the Muk Mat. The Muk Mat is a patch of grass that allows everyone to clean their feet before entering their van.

Now, that you’ve taken note of our favourite finds you might like to print off our handy camping checklist before you hit the road.