Mercedes-Benz Vito: Tell Me About Its Rear-Wheel Drive

Most van shoppers would be aware that Mercedes-Benz Vito comes with a rear-wheel drive configuration. This means the power is delivered to the back wheels of a vehicle. It is the only mid-size van on the market with that offering.

The back two wheels help the vehicle accelerate, and the front two are responsible for steering the power coming from the rear which permits a faster driving experience.

When you are converting a van to a campervan, there is significant permanent weight added to the cargo area which in return improves the traction. Other advantages include better handling dynamics, improved towing capabilities compared to front-wheel drive, reduction of torque steer, better traction and stability.

Rear-wheel drive is a better option for those towing a boat or a trailer, because the weight is more evenly distributed. The wheels powering the vehicle are closer to the load, which makes handling that additional towing weight a breeze.