Top 5 Tips for Camping with Dogs

Campervanning with your dog is easy if you’re well-prepared. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 tips for camping with dogs.

Camping with Dogs

Many Achtung Campers love to travel with their beloved fur babies. Who wouldn’t? They are a part of the family after all. When you are taking off on a long bout of travel, it’s only natural to want to bring your pup along for the adventure.   

  1. Find the right campsite  

Not all campsites are going to be dog friendly, so when you’re with your pooch its best to plot out some pet friendly sites along your travel route. This will make for the best and easiest experience on your travels. Holidaying with Dogs lets you search for pet friendly accommodation all over Australia. It’s a great resource when planning your travels!  

  1. Be prepared with the right gear 

This is obvious, but always pack the right gear for your pup! Bring their regular leash for walks, and another, longer lead that you can keep them tied up at the campsite. You never know how your dog might react in a new area, so it’s best to keep them tied up to avoid them being spooked away from the campsite or having a run-in with local wildlife. 

It’s also great to have some of their favourite toys on hand to help with boredom and to make them feel comfortable in each new campsite setting.  

Lastly, bring lots of extra towels. After an afternoon at the beach, your pup is going to be sandy and wet as all heck. It’ll be handy to have extra towels on hand to throw down in the camper to keep it a little cleaner.

  1. Keep your dog cool

The health of your dog should continue to be at the top of your list when you travel. Knowing how to keep them cool is super important. Making sure that they always have access to shade and water on the campsite is number one on a sweltering day. If you’re camping near the ocean or a lake, let them get in the water to cool themselves down regularly.  

A great option to have in your camper is the All for Paws Cooling Mat. It has special fibres in it to allow for airflow so your dog can stay cool while relaxing.  

  1. Know where the nearest vet is to your campsite

This is one of the most important things to note when camping with dogs. In case your pet does get sick or injured on your trip, you don’t want to be scrambling to find a vet. When booking your campsite, take a moment to Google the nearest emergency vet. It takes 2 minutes and will save you in a pinch. 

  1. Share your camper van with your pet 

Lastly, it’s best for your pup to sleep in the camper with you. Not only will this make your dog feel comforted and less anxious than sleeping outside, but it will also help you sleep soundly knowing that there is no potential for your pup to get off the lead and run away or have a dangerous encounter with local wildlife.  

To make them feel extra comfortable, set up their bed in the camper and have an at-home sleep out for a night or two before your trip to help your pet get used to the new sleeping situation! 

If you have some favourite tips to share on camping with dogs, let us know in the comments or email us!