So many options at different price points and for different travelling styles!  The good news is that all options except the pop top roof can be purchased and fitted after your campervan is complete so you can see how you go with one and then add if you feel you need more ventilation after a few trips.


Pop top roof

Being in your van with the pop top roof windows open is similar to laying in a tent.


  • If there is no breeze/wind it won’t cool down much (same as if you were outside an it was hot and still!).
  • If you have someone sleeping in the roof bed this will cut out a substantial amount of ventilation as it is like having an extra ceiling above your head (when you are down below!).


Sliding windows

An option when ordering your new T6 is to have the 2 windows in the front of the back (campervan) area as sliding.  There is an additional cost per window and it is not possible to have the far rear passenger side window as sliding.  This is a great option when adding the security/flysreen covers which might not look the prettiest but mean you can leave your sliding windows open at night but not have to worry about mozzies or safety issues.

Additional cost per window for sliding window (as opposed to fixed): $410

Cost per security/flyscreen cover per window: $190


Flyscreen for sliding door

A great option if you want to be able to leave your sliding door open but are worried about mozzies.


  • If you are alone at night you might feel unsafe having the sliding door wide open with just a mesh zip up screen between you and the outside world!

Cost: $370


Back tailgate flysreen and tailgate latch

Similar to the flyscreen for the sliding door this allows you to have your tailgate open, letting a breeze through (if there is any!).  You can add a ‘tailgate lock’ which means the tailgate is ‘locked’ into place and unable to be accessed or opened by strangers but still leaving a fairly large gap for ventilation.


  • If you are using the tailgate lock the gap for ventilation is not super wide but is still better than nothing!

Cost: $285

Rear tailgate latch $49


240 volt fan

This smallish fan runs off 12 volt power and doesn’t such much power at that, being a good choice.


It’s a bit pricey for such a small fan!

It doesn’t look that pretty when fitted in the van.

Cost: $300