What is the Twinned Toilet Initiative?

Recently we have been getting some questions from our clients wondering about the Twinned Toilet  initiative we offer when you purchase an Achtung Campervan. 

With the purchase of your Achtung Camper, we donate a “twinned” toilet to an impoverished family in impoverished communities worldwide. 

People within these communities will build their own toilets with the help of the Toilet Twinning project. This approach ensures that they are more likely to use and maintain it, promoting sustainability within the community. 

These communities will also be provided with access to clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene education thanks to our donation.  

With our donation from the purchase of your new Achtung Camper, you will receive a personalized certificate with a picture of your twinned toilet. It even shows the GPS coordinates so you can find your Twin Toilet on Google Maps! 

To learn more about the Toilet Twinning initiative visit https://www.toilettwinning.org/  

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