Van Features: Bull Bar Versus Nudge Bar

Choosing a bull bar or nudge bar for your campervan or motorhome – what is the difference and which one is right for you? One thing is for sure, they increase the safety of your van and they are one of the most popular van modifications. It’s van protection at its best!

Most people do not realise that there is a difference between a bull bar and nudge bar and they serve different purposes. If you are heading out on a road trip around Australia, then it is worth considering adding one to your van. The last thing you want is an unwanted bump…

Let’s take a look at both.

Bull Bar

Bull bars are designed to protect the front of a vehicle from minor impact, animal strikes and debris. They are typically big in design, and usually made from steel or aluminium. They are also winch compatible.

Nudge Bar

A nudge or bumper bar is designed for lesser impact, as well as being smaller. They are a single loop tube that is attached to the front bumper bar. Nudge bars are airbag compatible, provide protection and add to the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle.

They will reduce or prevent damage in low and high impact collisions, plus provide a barrier between the vehicle and object.

Regardless, of which bar you select, we would recommend engaging a professional to fit it for you. We source our bars from Whitlock Bull Bars, with over 30 years of experience in this area.

If you are still unsure, contact us on info@achtungcamper.com.au and we’ll guide you through your choices, whether it be for a VW Campervan, VW Motorhome or Vito Campervan.

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