Van Features: Why Choose a Composting Toilet for Your Motorhome?

Turning kitchen waste into garden compost is a well-known practice, but have you ever wondered about composting toilets for campervans? Composting toilets present an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for managing human waste, particularly in outdoor settings like camping. By opting for a Nature’s Head Composting Toilet for your motorhome, you’re not only choosing an environmentally conscious option but also reaping several practical benefits.

Here’s a few reasons why a compostable toilet is a green choice for your motorhome:

  • Stainless Hardware: It features all stainless hardware for durability.
  • Global Availability: With over 50 distributors worldwide, support is easily accessible.
  • No Need for Filters or Liners: Unlike traditional toilet alternatives, there’s no requirement for extra accessories.
  • Easy Disassembly: It disassembles in seconds for convenient emptying.
  • Versatile Handle Mounting: The handle is mountable on either side for user convenience.
  • Self-Contained and Portable: The toilet is entirely self-contained and portable, ideal for motorhome adventures.
  • Save Water: Compostable toilets reduce water usage and contributes to water conservation.
  • Compost: Creates rich compost for nutrient recycling. Holds more than bucket style toilets.
  • Compact System: Small and easy to install and clean.
  • Odourless: Due to a vent and built-in fan, plus the longer a compostable toilet sits it reduces its smell. Also, the separation of urine from the solids is the key to it being odourless.
  • Economical: It is an affordable option and no need to purchase chemicals.
  • Freedom: Gives you the opportunity to travel to more remote places and stay where there are no amenities.
  • Smaller Footprint: Standard toilets use more water, energy and money and translates to a larger footprint.
  • Easy to empty: Simple few steps to follow.

If you’re new to the world of portable toilets for camping, understanding how to properly use and maintain them is essential for a smooth and hassle-free experience. Read on for a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process:

1. Prepare the Absorbent Brick:

– Obtain an absorbent brick, readily available in most hardware stores.
– Place the brick in a bucket and add water.
– Break down the brick manually until it reaches a moist, soil-like consistency. Adjust the water quantity if necessary.

2. Using the Toilet:

– Minimise toilet paper usage to extend the toilet’s capacity between emptying.
– After urination, you can opt to place toilet paper in the toilet or a separate bin.

For solid waste:
– Open the larger compartment by using the lever located on the left-hand side.
– Optional, use the provided spray to treat the toilet cavity.
– Close the lid of the larger compartment.
– Spin the lower handle on the same side to mix the contents for effective composting.

3. Emptying the Toilet:

– Unclip the two silver latches on the sides to remove the top part of the toilet.
– Take out the urine container and dispose of its contents appropriately.

To access the larger compost container:
– Unclip the side silver latches and disconnect the vent/fan housing.
– Push the tubing connected to the toilet away and disconnect the cable in the same area.
– Lift the top part of the toilet to the left.
– Unscrew the two black round bolts on each side of the toilet’s bottom.
– Take the bottom part of the toilet outside and empty the contents into compost, a designated disposal area, or suitable outdoor locations.
– For a cleaner process, place a large garbage bag over the bottom part of the toilet, then turn it upside down to allow the compost to empty into the bag.
-Watch how to empty the compost toilet here:

Mastering the proper use and maintenance of your portable composting toilet can significantly enhance your camping experience. By following these steps, you ensure convenience and eco-consciousness during your outdoor adventures.

Additionally, when you purchase your Achtung Camper Motorhome, a “twinned” toilet is donated to an impoverished family within disadvantaged communities worldwide. Through collaboration with the Toilet Twinning project, these communities construct their own toilets, ensuring higher utilisation and maintenance rates for enhanced sustainability. Furthermore, our contribution enables access to clean water, basic sanitation, and hygiene education in these communities. As a token of appreciation for your Achtung Camper purchase, you will receive a personalised certificate complete with an image of your twinned toilet, along with its GPS coordinates for easy locating on Google Maps. Learn more about the Toilet Twinning scheme on our blogs.

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