Rained Out: Oh No! What Do We Do Camping in Wet Weather?

Don’t worry, we understand that Wet Weather can sometimes catch you off guard! To assist you, here’s Achtung Camper’s official list of things to do when you find yourself stuck inside the van!

1.     Use your Nebula projector:

With this great portable projector, you can screen mirrors from your phone. You can even stream from sites such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and others. It’s got a battery that lasts more than 4 hours and up to 30 hours of music streaming. “What happens if we don’t have any WIFI?”  We hear you ask, well we have thought of a solution for that little problem too. With our incredible WIFI booster, you should have no issues streaming your favourite shows or movies.

2.     Board Games/ card games:

Achtung Camper rule number 1, never leave without at LEAST 1 board game/ card game. The aim of campervanning is to reconnect with nature and to get reconnected with your loved ones. And when stuck inside sheltering from the rain you must take the latter option. So, we recommend Uno, Monopoly Deal, or a pack of playing cards.

3.     Start a journal:

This is a great way to recap on adventures past and present, it also helps relax the mind and body and helps when you want to re-visit a great beach or town and the name of it is just on the tip of your tongue… The best way to journal is to write about an experience you enjoyed and explain your emotions at that time.  You can also draw pictures and include images and trinkets that you may have collected on the way.  Not only is this a great way to keep you out of the rain, but it also gives you something crafty to do and a great memento to look back on in future.

Maybe you haven’t been rained out, or maybe you are looking for some ideas to do at night, well check out this article as well.

We hope that this list has given you some ideas on how to kill time when camping in wet weather. Got any great ideas to add?
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