Film faced birch ply – lasting the distance

All over the world, film faced ply is THE material of choice for fit outs of the coolest bars, restaurants, cafes and shops.  Cafes with tables and chairs made from transparent birch ply or black film faced.  Shops with shelves and benches made from black film faced, bar tops, bench tops and table tops in bars.  Film faced birch ply is all you need to make a fitout look on trend and current but conversely it has been the face of ‘in fashion’ for longer now than a fashion trend lasts.  We remember seeing it in cool bars in Melbourne over 10 years ago and being blown away.  Renowned architects 6 Degrees have been using it for well over a decade in their award winning designs throughout Australia and have been instrumental in bringing this material to the forefront of design.  Still seeing it in 2017 in the coolest cafes, bars, shops in London, Berlin and everywhere in between means it is not going anywhere any time soon.

So why do we use film faced birch ply in our campervans?  Yes we want our vans to be ‘on trend’ with modern looking interiors but the vast colour choices – (pale yellow is a favourite) takes this material to the next level.  A client can really have a completely different interior just by choosing either a black film faced ply as opposed to a transparent.  Do you want modern (black film faced), retro (yellow film face), natural (dark green or transparent film faced) or quirky (red or blue anyone!)?

The primary reason for us using this product in our campervans?  Its hardwearing qualities.  You only have to look at it in use in a grungy 10 year old bar (still looking brand new) to know it’s going to last the test of time both in looks and in purpose.

For more information on the film faced plywood we use visit our supplier’s website:


Campervan accessories – websites and shops to check out when shopping for your campervan

You’ve got your campervan but now you need the accessories! Where to start?

We’ve put together a list of the best value shops and websites to check out before you start your journey.

This is a UK based VW campervan accessory online shop that has EVERYTHING you need and more. Now with an Australian online shop based in Sydney, they have van hardware to electrical items to the kitchen sink. Literally.


Yes that’s right, Ikea. They have great storage solutions for small spaces plus amazingly cheap bathroom and kitchen accessories, in plastic and other travel safe materials. We’ve picked up amazingly compact clothes racks, magnetic spice rack containers and tiny portable LED alarm clock/temperature gauges just to name a few.

Ikea storage

Ikea storage

BCF, Rays Outdoors and Aussie Disposals

Although Aussies seem to win on price, they just don’t have the range that you’ll find in the other two stores.

BCF is handy when looking for outdoor shelters/tent style marquees to attach to either the side or back of your van.

Rays has a great selection of camping chairs, kitchen necessities and lighting options.


If you pass a Jaycar pop in and check out their range of camping accessories, most being electric. They have some great lighting options and power solutions and can usually help you with any advice you’ll need on getting the right product for you.