The VW T6 Interior Comfort Package


  • Light and Vision system: auto dimming inside rear view mirror, automatic headlight activation with separate daytime running lights, “Leaving Home” and manual “Coming Home” function.
  • Rain sensing wipers.
  • Height adjustment for front passenger’s seat.
  • Lumbar support (manually adjustable) for front passenger’s seat.
  • Armrests for driver and front passenger seats.
  • Grab handles on A pillar for driver and front passenger (standard for single cab and dual cab.
  • Vanity mirrors for left and right sun visors.
  • 12-volt socket on upper dashboard.

The VW Interior Comfort Package feature that will greatly improve your comfort on a long road trip?


Cost: $1700

Important Information: The VW Interior comfort package can only be factory fitted so if you want these features you’ll need to purchase a van with a comfort package or order your new VW T6 with comfort package, as they can’t be added aftermarket.



What is this? That’s a great question! :>

4Motion is the fancy name for VW’s all-wheel-drive feature in the Transporter.

In their own words “the Transporter 4Motion model is an all-wheel-drive system which will give extra grip and stability, especially in wet or off-road conditions.”

Mechanical Differential Lock or ‘Diff Lock”: This is an additional feature available on 4Motion Transporters. If you have ‘Diff Lock’ you can press a button when you are in difficult off-road conditions and it will make starting up the car and getting out of the ‘difficult condition’ much easier. In other words, it will stop you getting bogged.

Our opinion: Yes, the 4Motion function will give you more freedom to drive off road and confidence when the road you are on starts looking worse and worse around each passing bend. HOWEVER…The 4Motion will NOT allow you to drive like a 4 Wheel Drive. You cannot do river crossings or drive to your hearts wild abandon. Having said that if you do want to drive rough in your van a SWB is better and a ‘Diff Lock’ will help you make the most out of the 4Motion capacity.

Is it a necessity? Definitely not. It’s great for your driving confidence – are you on a road that is starting to get sandier and sandier? You won’t have to turn around as quickly.

Some things to keep in mind: If you make your mind up you want a 4Motion there will most likely be a wait… you are unlikely to find a used 4Motion and a new T6 4Motion will most likely be a factory order from Germany which take about 5 months (at the time of writing however it may be a shorter lead time in the future).

The 4Motion feature is only available with the larger TDI400 engine. (see my previous blogs for an explanation on what TDI400 means).

CHOOSING YOUR VEHICLE: The Hyundai Campervan VS the VW Campervan

We are often asked which van we would recommend for a campervan, the Hyundai Iload or the VW Transporter.   There is obviously no easy answer and lots to consider when choosing between the two.


As the VW has historically been used as a campervan in the UK and Europe, there are a lot of accessories readily available and made specifically for this type of van. Check out Just Kampers Australian website for a glimpse of what is available to purchase for the VW (but not the Hyundai). Most notable here is the passenger swivel seat base which to date we cannot source for the Hyundai.

You are also unable to sit in the Hyundai rock and roll bed seat facing outwards when the tailgate is up due to the different height of the Hyundai roof.

Another point to keep in mind is that the step into the Hyundai is higher and the sliding door opening smaller than in the VW, this makes it slightly more difficult to step into a Hyundai campervan.

Winner: VW


If you are purchasing new, the price is like for like. Although if you have a limited budget and can only afford second hand, Hyundai vehicles drop far more in price than the VW once they leave the showroom.   For $28K you could buy a Hyundai Iload with low kms and still under warranty, however would not find anything similar in this price range when looking at used VW Transporters.

Having said that, Ronny our German Achtung Camper director would 100 times over tell you there is no comparison between German and Korean workmanship.   Achtung Camper can also get a good discount on new T6 vans purchased through us to convert into a VW Campervan. These two points lead us to the following conclusion:


Hyundai if you are purchasing second hand.

VW if you are purchasing new.


Regardless of whether you want your van to be a campervan or a normal passenger vehicle, Hyundai vs VW comes down to a few deciding factors:

  • A 5 year warranty on Hyundai vans as opposed to 3 years with VW.
  • Cheaper ongoing servicing and parts with Hyundai.
  • More mechanics in Australia are able to service/repair the Hyundai than a European model.

Winner: Hyundai

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The New VW T6 Campervan (and how it differs to the T5)

Thinking of getting a new VW T6 Campervan (or buying a VW T6 for a campervan conversion) but want to know the differences between the VW T6 and older model the VW T5? We’ve gone direct to the source and interviewed our local VW salesman to find out, in simple, non-technical language.

– Cosmetically the VW T6 has had a facelift with a new design for the front and tailgate.

– For your driving comfort; the dash and storage compartments in the front have been redesigned and now utilise improved non-scratch materials and leather bound steering wheel with controls. Other adjustments for driver comfort include improved lumbar support and height edjustment. You’ll also now get a touchscreen radio with Bluetooth and media streaming capability.

– New features for improved drivability include rear parking sensors as standard, side airbags as standard, fatigue detection, multi-collision braking system and improved fuel efficiency thanks to BlueMotion technologies (stop/start system, coasting function).

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VW T6 campervan conversion

To pop top or not to pop top? That is the question…

So you’ve decided on a campervan conversion and now need to make the decision of whether you want the added pop top roof. The answer depends on many different factors, all important when you are considering whether to fork out $8000 for an extending roof…

Your camping style – Do you plan on travelling or spending any time staying in cooler weather? If you actively avoid the cold weather and have an aversion to cooking inside your van then you need to have a think about how much time you will spend standing up inside your campervan. If your cooker is portable and you can sit down to prepare/cook food inside the van or don’t plan on cooking or washing dishes inside the van then you may have no need for the additional height a pop top will give you.

Your age – Without being ageist, I am going to make the assumption that the older you are, the more issues you may have with your back and the more likely you are to require the ability to stand up completely straight while moving around inside your campervan. Similarly, someone young might not mind walking the few feet from the bed to the door with their stooped slightly.

Your health – As per the above, if you have issues with your back you will most likely need a pop top roof.

Your height – Although this doesn’t have to be a deciding factor, if you’re over 6 foot you might decide the additional height is a must.

Your budget/alternate options.- If the additional $8000 for a pop top roof is going to break the budget but you’d like a bit of additional height consider the alternatives.

Re-sale – How long are you planning on keeping your van? Vans without a pop top roof are harder to re-sell as the majority of people assume they require one (even though they may not!).

The VW Transporter is also available in a mid roof. Although you’ll need to check on the internal height of your garage if you plan on keeping it inside, this is often a good option if you don’t want to pay for a pop top. Keep in mind that you can’t stand up completely upright in one of these unless you are quite short. They will however, give you that extra bit of height which will make the van feel more roomy inside and also give you additional storage space inside the roof above the front seats.

VW mid roof and low roof

VW mid roof and low roof

VW Campervan with pop top roof.

VW Campervan with pop top roof.

A motorhome/larger size van such as a Mercedes Sprinter or Fiat Ducato (think ambulance sized!) are larger sized vans both in height, length and width. This means you can stand up inside and also have more room for campervan features. On the downside they may be that tiny bit too big for those living in cities and built up areas or who aren’t the best parallel parkers…