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This article by RACV ROYAL AUTO MAGAZINE is a MUST REAL for anyone looking to buy a new vehicle! You’ve up-ended three weekends, trudged from car yard to car yard weeding the great from the not-so-great but finally signed on the dotted line for a shiny new set of wheels. It’s about now most people […]


What is this? That’s a great question! :> 4Motion is the fancy name for VW’s all-wheel-drive feature in the Transporter. In their own words “the Transporter 4Motion model is an all-wheel-drive system which will give extra grip and stability, especially in wet or off-road conditions.” Mechanical Differential Lock or ‘Diff Lock”: This is an additional feature available […]


We recently had the pleasure of camping in Forrest for a long weekend. We stayed one night in each camping spot to check them both out. The Town – Forrest has enough attractions for a weekend away: Lake Elizabeth, a nice easy walk around the majestic lake. Lots of hiking trails. Mountain biking rails. This […]

The difference between the VW T6 TDI340 and TDI400

Getting a new VW T6 and don’t know what all the jargon is about? Hopefully we can help! Background: the 2.0Litre turbo-diesel engine is available in two ‘output level’s’ (VW calls them ‘output levels’ but from what I can ascertain this relates to the amount of power in the engine). The TDI340, 103kw, 340Nm Average […]

The Thule camping rubbish bin

That’s right, I’ve written a whole blog post about a rubbish bin. Am I crazy? You decide… If you’re a free camping or national park camping enthusiast then you’ll understand the importance of rubbish removal in campervan travel, because you’ll have experienced THIS along the way… Waking up in the morning to find your rubbish […]